• Patricia Fernández López 678588605
  • Mario Alcaraz Mármol Concejal de Presidencia y Turismo
  • Encarnación Rojo Campuzano
  • Rosario Navarro Guillén Técnico de Turismo
Keywords: Touristic demand, touristic offer, cultural program, repercussion, cultural heritage, specialization, thermal paradise


The town of Archena is an international reference for its thermal baths. Its emblem is “Archena, thermal paradise”, and it raises the need to respond to a growing tourist demand. Therefore, there is the need for a tourism management project based on a cultural program coinciding with the centenary of our well-known painter Inocencio Medina Vera. We would like to involve all sectors of the population in the realization of the programming: school, associations, companies, relevant people, restaurants. The general aim is to develop an appealing offer of cultural activities. The specific aim is to introduce Inocencio Medina Vera, his work and personality through the Art: painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, dancing, music and films. As for methodology, it has been active and participative. Different sectors of population and tourism took part in a questionnaire about our artist and about the cultural and leisure activities organized. After data were complied, a work team was established. This team was composed by a president, a group of consultants, an organizing committee and a coordinator of organization, intervention and development of the project. Different instruments were used for the diagnostic and the final evaluation. Among these instruments we can find individual and group interviews, suggestion mailbox and sociologic polls. All of them provided excellent results. To conclude, we can say that there is a need for specializing the touristic and cultural offer of our town, taking into consideration our cultural heritage, its features, traditions, gastronomy, famous people and celebrities, hot springs, that is to say, its culture in the wide sense, which makes Archena genuine and exclusive.


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