• María del Consuelo Castañeda Barrera Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
  • Esther del Carmen Espinoza Castañeda Secretaria de Educación Pública, Directora de Nivel Preescolar, México
Keywords: butterfly, sanctuary, monarch


As already mentioned in the first article of cultural diffusion "SITES WITH CHARM OF MORELIA, MICHOACAN, MEX", in which some of these beautiful places of the capital city, Morelia were cited, this article shares information about the "Sanctuary of the Monarch Butterflies ”located in eastern Michoacán and western Mexico State, in the mountainous biosphere reserve identified by its name“ Monarch Butterfly ”, it is the main destination of one of the most colorful and mysterious migrations of insects of the planet. Every year, millions of orange lepidoptera take flight from as far away as eastern Canada towards certain fir forests in central Mexico, traveling more than 8,000 kilometers from southern Canada and northern United States to cover the trees of oyamel, pine and cedar of the Michoacan entity with the objective of hibernating.

They arrive and gather in dozens of colonies, called "sanctuaries," most of which are located in this reserve, spread over just over 56,000 hectares. They live, flutter, reproduce and rest in the oyameles despite the cold of winter. The most impressive thing about this colorful phenomenon of millions of butterflies is that nobody knows how they find their way between their summer habitat and their winter sanctuaries, since the life cycle of the butterfly is only a few weeks.

For this reason, the Monarch butterfly sanctuaries have one of the most colorful and mysterious migrations in the world and are considered as Natural Heritage of Humanity.


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