Architecture and music. Indispensable dialogue for the tourist Impact in the City of Zacatecas, México

  • Rocio Ramírez Villalpando Universidad Autónoma de Aguascaliente
  • Luis Herrera Alvarado Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
Keywords: Culture, tourism, architecture, economy, classic


Music shares close ties with other arts as well as whit architecture. The city of Zacatecas performs various artistic-cultural events throughout the year, using as a framework, its emblematic architectural spaces. The present document analyses how these two arts converge and review what happens from various perspectives -economic, social, cultural, etc.- resulting relevant to the entity of northern Mexico.


Analyze how the dialogue between architecture and music is created -inherent in combining them- and that, however, must converge from different perspectives for the result, not only as expected, but convenient for both the conservation of real estate and urban spaces, such as for sound and visual appreciation. Focusing the study on the performer and the auditorium.


The fusion of architecture and music is a task that requires multidisciplinary work, properly selecting the real estate/ spaces to study, being specialized knowledge for this. The above combined with the direct interview with who lives and visits the city to know the perception of the dialogue of these arts. Preponderant of the exchange of nuances and attractions of interest to tourism, contributing collaterally to the economic and cultural impact.


The proper use of real estate, as well as the integral enjoyment of music, give the local or foreign visitor the possibility of fully appreciating the arts in comment, thereby generating an economic spill as a result of the social impact and citizen response to these Symbiosis proposals in art.


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