The gentrification process at lavapies neighborhood

  • Enrique Torres Bernier
  • Amanda Vega Hidalgo
  • Germán Ortega Palomo
Keywords: gentrification;, population;, Price;, Governance;


The present days, we analyzes a social phenomenon that is becoming more and more important in Spain: gentrification in the central Madrid district of Lavapies.

For this, firstable, through a theoretical and territorial approach, the neighborhood will be identified and described, analyzing its historical background, its territorial and functional structure and the agents that are involved in the process.

Then, causes and consequences of this phenomenon are studied, it focuses on the tourism perspective and always with the support of statistical data.

Finally, in order to obtain a quantitative perception of everything that is seen, an index can be created that allows measuring the gentrification in Lavapiés, as well as its evolution.


Author Biographies

Enrique Torres Bernier

Universidad de Málaga

Amanda Vega Hidalgo

Universidad de Málaga

Germán Ortega Palomo

Universidad de Málaga

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Torres Bernier, E., Vega Hidalgo, A., & Ortega Palomo, G. (2018, September 30). The gentrification process at lavapies neighborhood. Journal of Tourism and Heritage Research, 1(3), 41-70. Retrieved from