Marketing and social legitimation: beyond sale orientation

Keywords: marketing, legitimation, values, context, Age of image


This article reflects on how marketing is related to an aspect that goes beyond corporate social responsibility and seems fundamental to any company, such as its social legitimacy, that is, its need to be perceived as positive and even as desirable by the public. It involves alignment with the principles and values ​​of the context in which it is settled. The article begins with an approach about how marketing has evolved in recent times, in which sales orientation is not the only purpose of a company anymore. Then we use the terminology of David Jones to explain how certain aspects of corporate reputation have evolved in the last three decades, from teh Age of Image to the Age of Damage. Finally, we present a specific aspect of the marketing discipline, such as the "customer

Author Biographies

Raquel Ayestarán Crespo, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Faculty of Business

José Luis Parada Rodríguez, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Faculty of Business


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